Tea Accessories

Colourful and economical, our traditional design ceramic teapots were inspired by the English Brown Betty.

Ceramic Tea Pots

Colourful and economical. Our traditional design ceramic teapots were inspired by the English Brown Betty.

Tea Presses

No longer exclusive to the world’s best tea rooms our tea presses feature heat proof American made Pyrex glass, stainless steel outer fittings and inner workings, and the lids are insulated to keep the heat in and the outside cool. Easy to clean – just put them in the dishwasher.

Tea Travel Mugs

One of the hottest new ways to enjoy your favorite tea is on the go!  This has been common in Asian countries for many years, but now taking your tea on the road is catching on like wildfire here in Canada. There are many different designs from: stainless steel travel mugs with baskets to the popular Libre mug Рglass on the inside encased with poly on the outside Рwith an infuser built right into the top! A must have for anyone who enjoys tea, and perfect for gifts as well.

Tea Infusers

Mesh ball infusers are ideal for use in teapots. The long-handled infusers are often used by those who want a single cup of tea. Just remember – do not overfill the infuser as the tea needs room to expand.
One of the most versatile infusers is our fine mesh tea basket, use for either a pot or a cup, with lots of room for leaves to open. This allows a release flavour & benefits, and is perfect for those teas that have finer small leaves that seem to find their way into your cup. They won’t get through this basket!

Tea Tins

Our tins are great to store your tea collection. All cans are empty and have a food grade coated interior