White Tea

White teas are among the rarest in the world. It is the least processed with no steaming or pan-firing. White tea employs only the best leaf from each tea plant at each harvest. The gentle, subtle, taste of white tea is just becoming known in North America and is mainly found on the shelves of specialty tea stores.



Champagne Cassis:  White tea sprinkled with champagne flavour & cassis. Exquisite!
  White tea, black & red currants, balm leaves, lemon grass, cornflower petals, sunflower blossoms, natural flavour.

$7.00/50g   $13.00/100g   $31.50/250g    $56.00/500g                         



          Pai Mu Tan: Clear slightly pale cup with a smooth velvety flavor
          Ingredients: White tea
           $9.50/50g   $18.00/100g   $42.75/250g   $76.00/500g



ABWT-CH__-411~llt012 Doves Silver Needle: A premium tea that has exquiste haunting hints of peach with a fresh lingering finish. This is one of China’s best teas.
Ingredients: Luxury white tea
$24.00/50g   $48.00/100g   $94.00/100g