Yerba Mate

Grown in South America, Yerba Mate has been lauded as a cultural phenomenon that both energizes and remedies the body. Originally stranded in the obscurity of a niche cultural market it has now been introduced as a substitute for coffee, as it doesn't contain the toxins, but is still highly stimulative.


Brasilano:  A delicious blend of roasted Mate, with hints toasty chocolate & nuts.
Ingredients:  Roasted Mate, cracknel pieces(sugar, hazelnut), cornflower & sunflower blossoms, flavour.
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $27.00/250g   $48.00/500g




Green Yerba Mate:  Mate is rich in caffeine and was a popular pick me-up
 in Latin America before the advent of coffee. The cup has a greenish and
vegeative character.
Ingredients: 100% green yerba mate
$4.00/50g   $7.00/100g   $18.00/250g   $32.00/500g

Magic Mate: The lightly tart taste of roasted mate unites with the sweetness
of caramel into a very harmonious flavor .
 Ingredients: Roasted mate, brittle bits, flavour, macadamia nuts, liquorice,
amaranth, sunflower petals
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g