Herbal & Fruit Infusions

Herbal teas usually consist of dried flowers, fruits, or herbs. No tea leaves are included. Historically imbibed for medicinal reasons, or as a caffeine-free alternative, many herbal teas are beginning to find their own popularity outside of the tea world. The first, and arguably most famous, herbal is Chamomile which finds its roots in ancient Egypt. Used to embalm the dead and cure the sick Chamomile has endured a lasting fame. This light, sweet, and apple-like concoction is still revered for its uncanny (caffeine-free) calming effect. Other common herbals include peppermint, spearmint, and lavender.




Andrea’s Evening Blend: *House Blend* A soothing , calming,tension release tea, great as a sleepy time tea.
Camomile, peppermint, spearmint, lavender, rose petals
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $27.00/250g   $48.00/500g



Berry Berry: Full flavoured tea with deep berry notes. *Ice Me!*
Hibiscus, elderberries, dried currants, natural flavours

$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g



Camillo: The characteristic camomile note newly interpreted, rounded
off with the taste of fresh , juicy oranges.
Ingredients: Rosehip peels, citrus peels, camomile flowers, lemon grass, orange petals,
hibiscus, nana mint, flavour
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $27.00/250g   $48.00/500g




Egyptian Camomile: Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor. Camomile is
often sipped for relief of ailments ranging from toothache to insomnia.
Ingredients: 100% Camomile
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $27.00/250g   $48.00/500g





Camomile and Mint: Full flavored and refreshing with superb
Washington mint highlights. Delightful lingering finish.
Ingredients: Luxury Egyptian camomile, luxury Washington peppermint
$6.50/50g   $12.00/100g   $29.25/250g   $52.00/500g



Cranberry: Flavoured fruit melange. Finely balanced with a trendy cranberry taste. *Ice Me!*
Ingredients: Apple bits, hibiscus, cranberries, flavour
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500

Dandelion Leaves:
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250   $44.00/500g

Organic Fennel Soft, sweet taste of licorice.
Ingredients:  100% Fennel
$3.50/50g    $6.00/100g   $15.75/250g   $28.00/500g

Forever Nuts:    Flavoured fruit melange – low acid fruit composition convinces, with its refined, seductively sweet taste and candied almonds.
Ingredients:  Apple bits, cinnamon, sliced almonds, beetroot bits, flavour.

$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g



Ginger Pieces: Excellent clean ginger notes with a refreshing ginger hot finish.
Many claim ginger eases cold symptoms.
Ingredients: Luxury ginger root
$8.50/50g   $16.00/100g   $38.25/250g   $68.00/500g



Grandpa’s Fruit Garden[low in acid]: The fresh spring like taste
of strawberry and rhubarb is refined with the tart note of currants.
Apple bits, elderberries, beetroot bits, hibiscus,
currants, flavour, raspberries, blackberry leaves,
strawberry bits, red currant
 $6.50/50g   $12.00/100g   $29.25/250g   $52.00/500g


Hibiscus: A deep red infusion similar to grenadine with a taste close to lemonade.
Hibiscus is tangy and enriched with Vitamin C.
Ingredients: Hibiscus
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g


 Lapacho: Also known as Pau D’Arco or Tahebo .This tea is known for its full-bodied
tart flavour with woody character,the
extracts of the bark were already used by the Incas,
later the natives of Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay took the infusion as medical tea or simply for pleasure.
Ingredients: lapacho tea
$3.50/50g   $6.00/100g  $15.75/250g   $28.00/500g




Lavender: The taste is mild with a distinctive floral perfume and a slight pungency.
Herbalists often use Lavender in various treatments.
Ingredients: Luxury lavender blossoms
$7.50/50g   $14.00/100g   $33.75/250g   $60.00/500g





Lemon Balm: Herbaceous lemon notes with a slightly dry cup. Ancient Romans
thought lemon balm tea promoted healthy life.
Ingredients: Lemon balm
$7.50/50g   $14.00/100g   $33.75/250g   $60.00/500g


Lemon Ginger: 
Lemon Grass , Liquorice root, peppermint, citrus peel, black pepper
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $29.25/250g   $48.00/500g




Lemon Grass: A sweet lemon taste profile. Often used in teas to impart a lemon
character without the tangy flavor.
Ingredients : 100% lemon grass
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g




Lemon Mango Punch: Refreshing character of lemon and sweet tropical notes of mango.
Luxury dried apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, natural flavours
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g


Licorice Root: Sweet character with light medicinal notes and anise-like finish.
Excellent with Peppermint and Camomile.
Ingredients: Licorice root
$9.00/50g   $17.00/100g   $40.50/250g   $72.00/500g

Linden Flowers: Sweet lovely hints of cherry and mandarins. Smooth fruity finish,
Ingredients: Linden flowers
$9.50/50g   $18.00/100g   $42.75/250g   $76.00/500g

Mother’s Milk: Perfect when breast feeding
Ingredients: Rooibos, lavender, aniseed, fennel, red raspberry, stinging nettle
$6.50/50g   $12.00/100g   $29.25/250g   $52.00/500g

Nettle: Dark and mysterious cup with a dry herbaceous finish.
Ingredients: Nettle leaves
$7.00/50g    $13.00/100g   $31.50/250g   $56.00/500g

Passion Flower Petals: A straw-like opening with a mild licorice finish.
Ingredients: Passion flower
$7.00/50g   $13.00/100g   $31.50/250g   $56.00/500g




Peppermint: Very pungent cool fresh taste . Many claim it calms the digestive system and relieves heartburn , stomach ache, and nausea.
Ingredients: 100% pure Oregon peppermint
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g



Organic Pink Grapefruit: Note of fruity tart grapefruit harmoniously combined
with sweet pineapple. *Ice Me!*
Ingredients: Apple bits, rosehip peels, pineapple bits with rice flour[separating agent],
papaya bits, natural flavour, cornflower petals
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $29.25/250g   $48.00/500g




Raspberry Leaf: These leaves carry a neutral flavor tending,towards a grassy character.
Ingredients: 100% raspberry lea
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g





Rose Buds and Petals: Light floral notes. Often used to make a tea blend look exotic and romantic.
Ingredients: Luxury dried roses and petals
$8.50/50g   $16.00/100g   $38.25/250g   $68.00/500g




Rosehip: Mild and fruity with slightly pear notes. Rosehips contain iron,
calcium plus Vitamins A, D, and E.
Ingredients: Rosehip
$7.50/50g   $14.00/100g   $33.75/250g   $60.00/500g




Spearmint: A pungent cool fresh taste that takes your breath away. Spearmint Tea has been used to relieve headaches and tension.
Ingredients: 100% pure Oregon Spearmint
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g





Strawberry Kiwi: A refreshing taste experience with strawberry and kiwi flavours.
Ingredients: Apple bits, rosehip peels, hibiscus, flavour, kiwi bits, strawberry bits
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g



Sweet Orange Peel: Slightly tart with gentle citric notes, very mild character verging on flavor neutral.
Ingredients: Air dried orange peel
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g $27.00/250g   $48.00/500g




Wild Cherry: Fruity taste of summer sun-ripened wild cherries. *Ice Me!*
Ingredients: Hibiscus, rosehip peels, apple bits, grapes, sour cherries, flavor
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g