Green Tea

Most popular in Asia green tea is not oxidized (fermented). It is withered, immediately steamed, or heated to prevent oxidation, and then rolled and dried. It is characterized by a delicate taste and light green colour. Green tea has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to recent scientific findings touting its health benefits.



China Chun Mee: Full bodied,delicate flavor with toasty notes.
China Green tea.
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g



Dragon Pearls (China Green):Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavour – some strength and body.
Ingredients: Premium green tea.
$29.00/50g   $58.00/100g   $115.00/200g




Dragon Well-Lung Ching: Full bodied green with a brisk heady bouquet.
Ingredients: 100% China green tea.
$9.50/50g   $18.00/100g   $42.75/250g   $76.00/500g 



ABGR-JP__-522~llt01Genmaicha – Japan:  Also known as the “Popcorn Tea”. Light, golden yellow liquor with unique toasty rice flavour.
Ingredients: 100% Japan green tea and rice.
$6.00/50g   $11.00/100g   $27.00/250g   $48.00/500g





Matcha (Izu) : Jammy smoothness with a brisk sweet finish.
Ingredients:  High quality Japan green tea leaf.
 $18.00/50g   $35.00/100g  


Jasmine Dragon Tears:
Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavor and a heavenly
jasmine character.
Ingredients: Green tea. Jasmine petals
$33.00/50g   $65.00/100g   $130.00/200g




Mountain Dragon: Full flavored green tea roars gently with light bakey notes, grass and subtle eucalyptus.
Ingredients: Luxury green tea, dried safflower petals.
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g    $44.00/500g





Sencha Fuji – Organic: Light sweetness with good body and depth.
Organic green tea.
$7.00/50g   $13.00/100g   $31.50/250g   $56.00/500g






Superior Gunpowder: Good body and robust fresh taste with hints of oak.
Ingredients: China Green tea
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g 






Lucky Dragon HysonGreen china tea with a mild taste
Ingredients:  100% Green tea.
$5.50/50g   $10.00/100g   $24.75/250g   $44.00/500g