Decaffeinated Tea

Enjoy the taste of your favorite teas without the caffeine kick.


Courtlodge:  Courtlodge is one of the top Ceylon Estates. The FP leaf style retains its quality during the decaffeination process.
Ingredients: CO2 decaffeinated black tea
$9.50 /50g   $18.00/100g   $42.75/250g   $76.00/500g


Darjeeling: The cachet of Darjeeling with hints of muscatel flavour but no caffeine.
Ingredients:  Decaf black tea.

$13.50/50g   $26.00/100g   $60.75/250g   $108.00/500g


ABDF-EF__-006~llt01Earl Grey: Full and flavoury with Earl Grey notes from natural oil of bergamot.
Black tea, natural flavoring
$9.00/50g  $17.00/100g   $40.50/250g   $72.00/500g




ABDF-EF__-004~llt01English Breakfast: Light malty flavour.Great with milk.
Luxury decaf black tea
$8.00/50g   $15.00/100g   $36.00/250g   $64.00/500g




Irish Breakfast: Malty tea taste with gold highlights. Our finest tasting decaf.
Black tea

$7.50/50g   $14.00/100g   $33.75/250g   $60.00/500g


Jasmine Green:  Jasmine notes are perfumey and full floral.
Ingredients:  Decaf green tea.
$12.00/50g   $23.00/100g   $54.00/250g   $96.00/500g


ABDF-FVSL-045~llt01Monk’s Blend: Delicious vanilla and grenadine combination.
Black tea, natural flavourings
$9.00/50g   $17.00/100g   $40.50/250g   $72.00/500g





Sencha Green – China: Green tea flavour without the caffeine.
100% green tea
$6.50/50g   $12.00/100g   $29.25/250g   $52.00/500g